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Disaster Recovery: Your Next Top Priority

Wednesday, May 16
10am EDT
Derek Adair
Tim Maines
Dave Calhoun
Matt Freel

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2018/05/16 10:00 AM EDT

What You’ll Learn in This Webinar


Lost revenue, lost productivity, lost morale... these are just a few problems downtime wreaks.


In today's fast-paced, data-driven business world, avoiding data loss is vital to stay competitive.


We'll guide you through the disaster recovery options and the steps to launch and maintain them.

Meet the Experts in Cloud Solutions

Derek Adair
Cloud Architect, Zerto

Derek Adair has 20 years' experience in the IT industry. As a Cloud Architect, he enables Zerto Cloud Service Providers to craft and configure customer-facing Cloud DR platforms, understand market challenges, and deliver the business and technical benefits of Zerto Virtual Replication to their customers.


Tim Maines
IT Manager, Arlington / Roe

Tim joined Arlington / Roe in 2002. As the company's IT Manager, he oversees the development and maintenance of IT systems, data, and infrastructure. Tim also coordinates priorities between IT and other departments. He previously worked for an internet service provider and computer consulting firm.

Dave Calhoun
Solutions Engineer, LightBound

Dave joined LightBound in 2015 with over 25 years experience in the telecommunications and service provider industries. For the last 18 years, he has provided the unique blend of  engineering and technical pre-sales expertise.

Matt Freel
Account Executive, LightBound

Matt has a proven track record of helping SMBs and Fortune 25 companies alike solve challenging puzzles to benefit the bottom line. His transparency, passion for helping others, business acumen, and consultative approach make a strong foundation for long-term collaborative relationships.

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