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Lightbound_2C_CMYK-2.pngLightBound Revolutionizes PBX

 LightBound delivers a best-in-class phone system
Improve Performance: 
Stop dropped calls
Improve call quality
Consolidate technical requirements
Reduce downtime
Geographic Diversity = superior Business Continuity
Boost Profitability
Eliminate expensive hardware
Lower total cost of ownership than premise-based solutions
Scale up or down as needed
Mobility integrates iPhone and Android devices

No Costly Hardware

LightBound hosts your PBX in the cloud. No more expensive hardware investments, costly upgrades, or hassles. We coordinate dialtones, DIDs, provisioning, porting, managed circuits, and internet behind the scenes—delivering seamless, reliable performance day after day.



Enable Remote Users

Let your employees work when and where they want. No longer do they need a phone!

Employees can use their desktops, laptops, iOS and Android devices. Anywhere, Anytime. They can leverage presence, text and chat while on the road, at home, or working remotely. 



Stop Dropped Calls

Eliminate frustrating disconnections. LightBound cloud contact center solutions ensure ultimate reliability and crystal clear connectivity—every time.


Meet the Experts in Data Center Solutions 

LightBound delivers secure, always-on internet, voice, and data solutions for customers throughout the Midwest. Trusted by small businesses, major league sports teams, and state governments, LightBound specializes in high-tech connectivity and down-home service.